Back to the Dungeon! (Neo-Clone RPG)

Yeah, I know everybody and their brother is working on or has put together a retro-clone of one of the editions.  I never started working on a straight up retro-clone but I have helped out with a few things on a neo-clone rpg, Back to the Dungeon!  What makes it different?  Well, it obviously has a place on the D&D family tree but it does not stick as closely to the SRD as other games; several sections have been re-worked.  Back to the Dungeon emphasizes the free-wheeling nature of the earlier days of the hobby with an updated rule set.  One of the biggest differences is the special effect granted when you roll a natural 20 in certain circumstances.  For example, a cleric will heal some damage to allies and damage undead within a certain radius. Each class has their own unique special ability that is triggered in this fashion.  The rules are presented in an old school ‘zine format.

For anyone interested, you can check out the blog or the Google+ community.  The rules can be found at either location.