[Perilous Journeys RPG] The Minotaur, take 1

The following is my first attempt at a monster entry for the Minotaur represented in the Perilous Journeys stats.  Anybody got any suggestions?


H: 60-70 A: 36–45 S: 40 AF: 6
Attack: weapon +4/1d8/1d6

Encountered: 1-4

Description: Minotaurs appear to be large humanoid creatures with the head of a bull. They are typically around 7 feet tall with a thick, rugged build. Rumors speak of Minotaurs living on a diet consisting of humans and other smaller humanoid races. Minotaurs are somewhat intelligent and may use tools and weapons.

Combat: Minotaurs tend to charge their opponents in an attempt to gore them for 1d8 damage; when closed to grappling distance a Minotaur may bite for 1d6 damage. Some Minotaurs prefer to use weapons such as spears, clubs, or axes and get a +4 bonus to damage when doing so. Minotaurs tend to attack things smaller than their size. Minotaurs may be wearing a ragtag mix of garments for armor in addition to their tough hide and have an effective armor factor of 6 points.

Treasure: C


A Fresh Look at Old Game Ideas

In my earlier post, I outlined the contents of one of my old gaming notebooks.  After a bit of time with some reflection and attempts at adding to these ideas I have come to several conclusions.

Board Game design is definitely not my thing.  I can come up with concepts for the theme and ideas about game mechanics but I lack the necessary practical experience to bring it all together in a satisfying game experience.  I have played a few board games in my time but nowhere near the number of hours spent on role-playing games.  It makes a big difference.  I am tinkering with Auto Arena every now and then but who knows how far it will go?  I attempted a design for Escape from Camp Blood – think 80’s slasher movie goodness – with a fellow blogger but it just didn’t work out.  I haven’t completely given  up hope on these but I wouldn’t expect anything soon at all.  The Fantasy Board Game is the most likely to happen just because it would resemble an “almost rpg” and that would be a much better fit for my experience.

What about the role-playing games that I mentioned?  I still want to do them but some ideas and plans have changed.  First, A World in Ruins has been renamed From the Ashes!. I just think the name sounds better. Second, two of the game ideas – To The Stars! and From the Ashes! – are not going to be new designs but adaptations of of the Back to the Dungeon rules with appropriate genre modifications.  That just leaves the Old School Role-Playing game idea.  This will most likely see a name change when I think of a “good” one. The point of this game design is to follow the example of the early games following the release of D&D that were built on the “more is better” philosophy.  Simply put, I will offer more abilities, more races, more classes, more EVERYTHING!  The design will purposely be obtuse in some areas just to emulate some of the craziness of those early days.  This should prove to be a fun design that will be playable but balance will NOT be a design goal at all.

That’s where my thoughts are currently at on these projects.  More later…