[Perilous Journeys RPG] The Minotaur, take 1

The following is my first attempt at a monster entry for the Minotaur represented in the Perilous Journeys stats.  Anybody got any suggestions?


H: 60-70 A: 36–45 S: 40 AF: 6
Attack: weapon +4/1d8/1d6

Encountered: 1-4

Description: Minotaurs appear to be large humanoid creatures with the head of a bull. They are typically around 7 feet tall with a thick, rugged build. Rumors speak of Minotaurs living on a diet consisting of humans and other smaller humanoid races. Minotaurs are somewhat intelligent and may use tools and weapons.

Combat: Minotaurs tend to charge their opponents in an attempt to gore them for 1d8 damage; when closed to grappling distance a Minotaur may bite for 1d6 damage. Some Minotaurs prefer to use weapons such as spears, clubs, or axes and get a +4 bonus to damage when doing so. Minotaurs tend to attack things smaller than their size. Minotaurs may be wearing a ragtag mix of garments for armor in addition to their tough hide and have an effective armor factor of 6 points.

Treasure: C