First Session Report for my Daughter’s Dungeon Design!

Passing it on to the next generation!

Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog

When people said they were going to try to play it, I thought… I’ll believe it when I see it. Well… I done seen it and I still don’t believe it!

Kevyn Winkless writes in with this:

Ran this for two nephews and my youngest, using modified AFF rules and the entire 1st floor of my house as the play surface, various dinosaurs and superhero figs to represent PCs and monsters. Kids

Play report:
Ograk the warrior (6yo, Hulk figure), Borg the Borg (4yo, some kind of robot) and Wizardator Maximus (8yo, heavily modded Playmobil knight) woke to find themselves in a bedroom, from which they emerged to explore.

The first thing they did was open the door opposite the dungeon to find themselves faced with a dragon atop a mound of gold. After a brief scuffle in which they found themselves seriously outmatched (partly because Wizardator forgot he…

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