Welcome to The Old Gamers Notebook

Greetings and welcome to The Old Gamers Notebook! I already maintain a blog at The Semi-Retired Gamer so why should I do another blog? The answer is quite simple – I have always wanted to try WordPress out to see if I am missing anything in the blogging experience by choosing one service without trying the other one. I have no idea how long this blog will be here. If I enjoy my experience with WordPress I may just keep both blogs or if one blog service is remarkably better than the other than I will choose the best one to keep. If you’re reading this then welcome aboard and I hope this experience is a good one.


edit – fixed link to my other blog.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to The Old Gamers Notebook

    • Thanks, Eldrad! I am getting focused around here and hopefully there will continue to be stuff that interests people. I know it’s been a while but there will be some regular posting here…

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